Weed is Coming To Your Coffee

by Sara Levine

Stoners, rejoice (again): waking and baking just got a whole lot easier, thanks to weed-infused coffee pods, which are in fact a real thing. So now you can get the alertness from coffee and the chillness from weed, all at the same time. How does that work in practice? Do the two cancel each other out? Do you get all the wakening power from caffeine, but none of the jitters thanks to the weed? If anybody has access to these weed coffee pods (which I will hereafter refer to as THC-cups...get it?), I would love your insight into the experience.

Don't take off for your local grocery store or coffee retailer just yet, though. It looks like at the moment most (if not all) of companies that make THC-cups are located in California or Washington, for obvious reasons. Also, just to satisfy my own curiosity (purely for the sake of journalism, I promise), I checked the websites of two of the makers of the coffee pods, Uncle Ike's Pot Shop in Seattle, and House of Jane in California, and confirmed my suspicions that if you want to get your hands on some THC-cups you're going to have to go to Washington or California. Until then, you'll have to stick to the old-fashioned method of brewing your coffee and then rolling a blunt. I know, life is so hard.

The founder of House of Jane, Ben-David Sheppard, told Yahoo! that the company has a THC-infused frappucino in the works, so soon Californians will be able to get fix of weed, caffeine, and sugar all in one go. What a time to be alive!

I never thought I'd see the day when weed and coffee pods were united as one, but I don't think we're done yet. There are tons of unlikely weed combinations out there, just waiting to be brought together. Here are some of my ideas for the next best weed-infused thing:

1. Weed-infused Cheese


My cursory Googling revealed that although there are many recipes for making your own weed-infused cheese, there is not a company who has branched out into the THC-infused dairy market, which I think is a mistake. I mean, people love weed. People really love cheese. If the 4th season of Weeds has taught me anything, it's that you don't snitch, under any circumstances. But aside from that, it's that marijuana and cheese could be a winning combination. They could call the company Mary Moo's. Think about it.

2. Weed-infused OJ

Once again, you can cook this up by yourself, but wouldn't it be great if you could buy a carton of weed orange juice from your local dispensary? THC OJ would have two, equally important functions: facilitating in your everyday wake and bake, or being the missing ingredient you need for the best mimosa ever when you're feeling classy.

3. Weed-infused Vodka


Or any alcohol, really. If you could buy this in a bottle it would totally revolutionize the cross-fading experience. Wiz Khalifa would have a field day!

Images: Giphy (3); Getty Images (3)