What Happens When Couples Dress Each Other

It seems fairly obvious that you should never, ever let your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other be your stylist, a universal truth seemingly proven forever by Cosmo 's hilarious 'Couples Dress Each Other in Whatever They Want' video. Never let your lover have control over your entire ensemble; instead rely on them for opinions about which item they prefer when presented with two choices. Because when left to their own devices to select your outfit, you are apparently screwed!

Six duos that have been together for varying lengths of time were tasked with picking out an outfit for their significant other, pulling from provided racks of clothes, as opposed to hitting the stores with some cash. That would have been even more of a disaster, no doubt.

The results reveal pretty classic gender stereotypes: For the most part, the women tried to inject a little fashion-forwardness into their dudes' looks, while the men weren't afraid to pick out short and tight ensembles for their ladies.

Still, I recommend you don't think too much into it or try to dissect gender constructs in relationship to hemlines or fit. This was all in goofy, good fun — and they pretty much all failed miserably in picking out an ensemble their partner loved.

Still, they were having fun... although you can't help but notice that both the guys and the girls were stiff and clearly uncomfortable in the outfits that were chosen for them.

1. Sam & Eliza

Sam and Eliza are a super cute pair until...

... he turned her into "Scuba Barbie goes to a strip club," in a skintight green mini dress with a restrictive, collared neck. He joked she was stepping out of her comfort zone. She cutely threatened to break up with him, although her dressing him in a dad ensemble could have been an equally suitable reason for a split!

2. Emmett & Bemae

These two are already way stylish in their "before" outfits!

After? There was a lot of leather yet both were cute and playful about it.

3. William & Justine

William and Justine are both confident and sharp in their "pre" outfits!

But she told him he was cheesy while he put her in a short skirt with heels.

4. Matt & Alysha

Another perfectly cute couple...

... until she "Sunday brunched" him and he made her over into a "Kendall Jenner wannabe." They had such a good sense of humor about it.

5. Craig & Gab

A normal, perfectly attractive couple at first, right?

But she hated her outfit, even the fringed boots, which he liked. She thought he looked like the best kind of Danny Zuko.

6. Larry & Hali

Personally, I loved both of their tailored styles before they submitted to the makeovers.

So did they! Neither liked the leather jacket-driven looks that were chosen for 'em.

Clearly, you can't read too, too much into this social experiment, especially since it played out as exactly as you probably thought it would.

These couples willingly submitted to the challenge, had fun with it, picking out threads that (obviously) didn't suit their partner, but giving themselves up to it for the sake of fashion, of fun, and 15 minutes of Internet fame. They were all good sports, even if they didn't love the results!

Images: YouTube (13)