Couple Gets Made-over to Look 50, 70, and 90 Years Old, and Their Reactions Can Teach Us a Thing or Two About Love

We all know that, no matter how many face creams we buy and how much sunscreen we put on, beauty doesn't last forever. Thanks to Field Day videos, one couple got to experience this first-hand, and in the span of 5 minutes, when the engaged couple were made-up to see what they'd look like 30, 50, and 70 years from now. While the video might start off funny—after all, if I saw myself with fake wrinkles, liver spots, and gray hair my first reaction would be laughter—it gets real at the end. You may end up tearing up. Just wanted to give a fair warning.

Between the constant stream of articles lamenting the loss of monogamy as we know it, thanks to the hookup culture, and the fact that anywhere from 40 to 50 percent of married couples end up divorcing, it seems like we're all doomed to be forever alone. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but it definitely does feel like truly committed relationships are a thing of the past. Which is why it's so refreshing to see two people really show what it means to love someone unconditionally. The way they react to seeing each other get old and wrinkly can teach us all what loving someone "for better or for worse" might look like.

This is what Kristie and Tavis Look Like Now.

And here they are at age 50.


They look pretty much the same to me, no? Tavis even agrees that Kristie "looks fantastic" and says, "I hope you look like this." Don't we all, though?

Fast Forward to Their 70s...


Those eyebrows, though. But notice how they still look so happy.

And finally, here's the couple in their 90's.


I love how their initial reactions are always all smiles and joy, because if I were in the situation I can't say I wouldn't be horrified. Aw. That's true love, folks.

Watch the full video below, and then go call your grandparents.

Field Day on YouTube

Images: Field Day / Youtube