Steve Carell's Headed Back to TV With This TBS Comedy Pilot

Great Michael Scott, The Office's former-leading man is returning to television! Steve Carell is producing a TBS comedy, Tribeca, a half-hour procedural spoof, which was written by Carell and wife Nancy Carell.

Carell's most notable — to us — foray into writing so far was 2006's "Casino Night" episode of The Office, in which he ripped at and ravaged our hearts with many emotions regarding the legendary romance of Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly. It was also pretty funny when it wasn't making us cry.

Carell will also be directing the pilot of Tribeca, although it has been yet to be revealed whether or not Carell will be appearing onscreen on the show.

Here's the premise according to Deadline:

Anchorman 2 comes out next month, so it continues to be a good year/decade/life for the Carells — Nancy is a Saturday Night Live alum, after all, so we kinda feel like they can handle a police procedural spoof show with no problem.