Louis C.K.'s 'SNL' Monologue Has People Talking

On a rainy May night in New York City, Louis C.K. hosted the Season 40 finale of Saturday Night Live . The beloved comedian, who auditioned for a spot on SNL back in 1993 but was rejected, did not tip-toe lightly around tough issues for this, his third time hosting. Now, Louis C.K. is edgy (I'd say he's edgy AF, but I'm worried that's too many stand-alone letters in one sentence). In past monologues, he covered religion, gender roles, and world hunger. This time around, the 47-year-old tackled the Middle East, "mild racism," and child molesting. And trust me, people have some thoughts on that last topic.

Louis C.K.'s monologues always stand out from other hosts' because he does stand-up, and it's usually amazing. So amazing, in fact, that he was nominated for the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy after hosting SNL in November, 2012. This Saturday, he spoke about how when he grew up in the '70s, things were very different than they are now. For example, he claims there was a child molester who lived nearby, and people would casually just say "Don't go by his house, he'll molest you." That was the extent of worry.

That personal anecdote snowballed into a segment where he talked about how child molesters must really love molesting children if they're willing to risk so much to do it. He said, "it must be amazing," before saying under his breath that this is probably his last show. Then — somehow — he started comparing child molesting to eating a candy bar.

Some people found the monologue funny. Some people were offended. Both were bound to happen. Here's what people are saying on Twitter about Louis C.K.'s Season 40 monologue.

Some People Enjoyed The Monologue

Some People Were Not Feeling It (At All)

Others Recognized The Risk And Left It At That

Others Weren't Offended, They Just Didn't Think It Was Funny