19 Superhero Swimsuits For The Sun Loving Fangirl Who Can't Wait To Channel Her Inner Marvel-esque Persona

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Summer is just a few weeks away, and in addition to being one of the more relaxing, fun filled times of the year, summer marks the season of blockbusters and good reads. Of course, one arena where these two heavy hitters collide is the land of comics, and more specifically, superhero and supervillian films — so why not commemorate the occasion with superhero themed swimwear?

This year there's much to celebrate in the many action packed universes that encompass our favorite masked marauders and caped crusaders. With this spring's release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, many of us are already riding the superhero hype. But for the true fangirls of the world, there are quite a few new developments in the works, including much awaited films such as Deadpool and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the start of CBS's TV series, Supergirl.

If you're an avid comic reader or a super fangirl, you may be looking for the right way to embody your favorite character's mythological magnificence while frolicking in the summer sun. Not to worry, I've procured for you a most valuable secret asset — a list of superhero (and supervillian) swimsuits. So, curl up with your favorite series, signal for Alfred to bring you a freshly minted mojito to heighten your summer vibes, and peruse some of the most novel summer suits around.

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