15 'Game Of Thrones' Earrings Every Westeros Enthusiast Needs To Buy Now

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When you're a Game of Thrones fan, you don't just want to watch one hour-long episode every Sunday for your GoT fix. You want to talk about it with everyone else who watches it, discuss every detail, pick apart every possible theory, and make statuses about it on Facebook so that everyone knows you love it. So why not also wear your love in a visible way with Game of Thrones earrings?

When you're part of a fandom looking for an item that truly represents your devotion to a TV show, you go to Etsy. Etsy offers pages and pages of Game of Thrones inspired earrings, from tiny images of some of our favorite characters to a whole lot of dragon references. Buy a pair or two of these if you're a true fan. Some are more subtle, while others basically scream "I love Game of Thrones!" Whatever you choose, these 15 Game Of Thrones earrings are all seriously impressive.

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