This Baby Is Not A Fan Of Avocado

Avocado is a favorite for many (just look at how many people are willing to pay extra for guac at Chipotle!), but it’s safe to say that 6-month-old baby Autumn is not a fan. The adorable little girl recently tried her first ever spoonful of the mashed green fruit, and let’s just say this baby's reaction to tasting avocado for the first time — captured in the hilarious video below — is way too good to miss.

In a clip that’s gone viral over the past few days, little Autumn is fed a teeny bite of avocado, but the food quickly proves to be too much for her taste buds to handle. As soon as it hits her lips, her little brows furrow worriedly and her eyes widen in what can only be described as a mix of confusion, terror, and downright disgust. She starts frantically looking back and forth between her mom and dad, as if thinking “What in the name of all that is holy have you just fed me?”

As the parents try to sneak in another spoonful, Autumn keeps her mouth completely clamped shut and turns her head away. You can just tell she's like, “Nope, absolutely not. That green goop isn’t getting in here again.”

“It was funny for us, because normally she really likes anything we give to her,” mom Megan Peoro told ABC News. “This was the first food she had a reaction to that she just didn’t like it.”

Luckily for mom and dad, Autumn apparently hasn’t sworn of all green food. She does like peas and green beans. I guess avocado is where she draws the line.

Image: YouTube