17 Weird And Wacky Sandals For Boring Summer Feet (You Know Your Feet Need Some Excitement, Too)

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Last summer, everyone was super deep into the weird sandal trend known as the Birkenstock. Frankly, I was overjoyed — Birkenstocks satisfied my predilection for minimal, utilitarian footwear, and also happened to insanely comfortable. Unsurprisingly, I have three pairs.

This summer takes a few cues from the serviceable sandals of yesteryear, but also adds a healthy dose of bizarre, unnecessary, and just downright zany. Though I like to keep my style minimal and classic, I realized that I also live for a ridiculous shoe. From futuristic flatforms, to in-your face stilettos, to chunky, multicolored foot-canoes, this season's sandals have got your eccentric tendencies covered. Strap on your six-inch holographic platforms: Things are about to get weird.

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