Nothing Gets Between This Woman And Her Backpack

This comedian is having a spring fling — with her backpack. In a season where the sunshine brings couples out in full force, Genevieve Blau's #JansportDate Instagram hashtag is proving that she doesn’t need a guy to have fun. Instead, all she needs is her pink Jansport bag.

Using the hashtag #JansportDate, Blau has been documenting her adventures with her backpack on Instagram, capturing the two going to shows, trying new restaurants, and drinking mid-day margaritas. As she told The Daily Dot, “I’m a single person and I don’t want to feel bad about going out and doing all the things I wanna do even if I’m alone.” So she started this photo series, using her bag to playfully mimic the look of someone who’s happily in love.

Some snapshots show her canoodling her backpack at a bar or on a park bench. Another shows Blau leaning her head lovingly against the bag, the way someone would lean against their significant other’s shoulder. “Is there anything better than spending a quiet afternoon with someone special? I'm learning that there really isn't... #jansportdate,” she wrote in the caption.

Of course, the whole series is meant as a good-natured jest, despite that she knows some might not get the joke. As she put it, “Dudes come and go. I have had this backpack for 10 fucking years.” Ha! Now that's what I call a committed relationship.

Check out some of her hilarious pictures below:

Image: heresthedoodle/Instagram