Austin Swift Is A College Graduate!

Seemingly one very important person in Taylor Swift's life, who was unceremoniously left out of the "Bad Blood" music video extravaganza, has graduated from college. Ironically, that person also happens to be Taylor Swift's own flesh and blood, her brother Austin. So, perhaps the prioritization of his education can explain away his glaring absence from said, sure-to-be bad ass pop culture event. On Sunday, Swift posted a video to her Instagram of her not-so-little bro's graduation ceremony at the University of Notre Dame. Spoiler alert: She so proud, that she freaks the hell out. Also, yes, you're correct in thinking that Mama and Papa Swift only breed really amazing progeny.

Despite the fact that the hyped up "Bad Blood" Billboard Music Awards showing is happening in the same day as Austin's commencement ceremony, it's clear that Swift has selflessly devoted her attention to him, at least for a little while. Because, obviously, she's as good big sister as she is at just about everything else. Well, except for dancing. Listen, nobody's perfect, but she comes pretty damn close.

In the video, the singer films from the stands as the speaker lauds the graduates, and turns the camera on herself and quickly on her mother, Andrea, to offer her personal, Swif-ified squeals of excitement. It's typical, sweet yet embarrassing family congratulatory fodder, and somehow the normality of it all makes it that much more endearing. Though, the verdict is still out on what Austin thinks of it yet.

Can you even imagine sitting next to the Swifts at an unexpected event such as this and not passing out? Yeah, me neither.