Where Does 'Bachelorette' Fashion Designer Daniel Finney Work? His TV Job Title Might Need Adjusting

It’s the beginning of the summer which means two things: It’s time to hit the beach and it’s time for The Bachelorette to return. Nothing is better than the 10 weeks it takes for the next Bachelorette — Kaitlyn or Britt, this season — to find the man of her dreams. We finally got a sneak peek at all of the Season 11 Bachelorette guys and I noticed that we have a sexy fashion designer named Daniel in the mix. Naturally, I was intrigued. After some creeping, I found out that he runs his own fashion and furniture company out of Nashville, Tennessee called DHF, as in Daniel H. Finney. Not too shabby, dude.

According to his website, while in college Daniel worked at Ralph Lauren and Lacoste, but after graduation spent a few years as an investment banker before he decided to give up that life and start his own company. However, his fashion line did not start with clothing, but with handmade furniture, which officially makes him the Aiden Shaw of The Bachelorette. Using “reclaimed materials,” DHF makes great rustic looking tables and if I wasn’t on the Ikea budget, I’d be all over those. So can this dude really call himself a "Fashion Designer"? Well, since DHF has started selling men’s shirts — all button-up plaid type shirts to go with all those reclaimed materials — I'd say so. It's a pretty perfect set-up for a Nashville country buff.

But this is the Bachelorette, and Daniel won't be able to scoot by on his fashion sense. Here are a few other need-to-know details about this Bachelorette suitor:

He Enjoys The Outdoors

We already know that he biked from Virgina to Oregon (show-off!), but he can Kayak and sled too. Oh my. In one photo, he’s on a sled in a captain's hat, because... why not? Dude likes to be outside. Good for him.

He Hangs With The Fam

He’s chummy with his niece named Bryce, so if he makes it to hometown dates, I'm betting we'll meet at least one of his siblings in Tennessee.

His Business Is Going Pretty Strong

It looks like DHF officially launched about eight months ago, so things must be working pretty well. Daniel and his partner threw a launch party which included some cigars and Bud Light, because all good parties do.

He’s Got The Classiest First Selfie Ever

No really though: If this is his first selfie, he pretty much nailed it. Angle aside, he’s in a suit near a fancy chandelier. It triumphs over the oh-so typical shirtless bathroom pic. Take note, dudes of the world.

He’s Got A Lime Green Car

Oh my. Yes, this is really his car. “She may keep me up all night and spend all my money, but id [sic] never trade her for some fancy foreign car,” he captioned the photo. Gotta love a guy who's brave enough to drive this baby.


It might not be his boat, but he clearly knows someone with a boat, which means he gets to use said boat, and that's all that matters. Everyone wants to be friends with someone who has access to a boat like that. Side note: Those pants are amazing, regardless of the boat setting.

And Finally, In Case You Were Wondering…

He does know how to take his shirt off. Thank god for that.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC