24 Most Hipster Things To Happen To Me

Recently, Buzzfeed ran a roundup of "the 24 most hipster things that have ever happened." After looking through it and thinking "I think I know half these people," I was inspired to create my own version. No, there will be no ladies with knitting machines in the middle of the DMV or mustachioed men riding camels down the street. But I did live in North Brooklyn for a few years—in warehouses, with art collectives, and one time a yurt — so I've seen my fair share of hipster. Here are 24 of the most hipster things that have ever happened to me (of which I have readily available photographic evidence, anyway). Full disclosure: Many — but not all — of these people are my friends. Assume the more obnoxious ones aren't my friends, okay?

1. This small girl in red cat ears forlornly watching a man play weird drone music through fog.

2. This joint menorah.

3. This purple school bus (within-a-warehouse) that served as a woman's mobile home.

4. The guy who rode around on a bike delivering dumpster-dived foods to people.

This is not really his bike, but it is a bike outside the place I was when he delivered his dumpster diving loot.

5. This rooftop bee-keeping demonstration.

6. Whatever is happening here.

That's me on the right, unfortunately.

7. Vincent Gallo's short-lived band RRIICCEE.

Too cool for single letters, y'all.

8. This concert venue.

9. This girl playing the ukelele.

It probably only seems uber-hipster to me because she also slept on a mattress in the rafters of our loft and cried a lot.

10. This guy hanging out on top of the fridge at a party.

I didn't realize hanging out on tops of fridges at parties was "hipster," but Buzzfeed says it is and this guy hung out on top of fridges at parties more than anyone I know. Maybe more than anyone anyone knows.

11. This Les Mis-themed performance art in an efficiency apartment in Bed-Stuy.

12. This guy's sideburns.

13. This woman who bloodied her fingers playing tambourine and kept right on playing.

14. This guy who showed up at a young conservatives gala to DJ dressed like this.

Full disclosure: He was my boyfriend at the time. And, granted, I seem to be dressed like Farrah Fawcett.

15. This man in short jorts, a top hat and wire wings at a bar.

16. This naked woman writhing in a kiddie pool full of mud while people looked on disinterestedly.

17. This string quartet playing at a craft beer kegger/fundraiser for an urban rooftop farm.

18. This backyard.

19. This band.

Girl in overalls? Check. Boy in sailor clothes? Check. Dude dressed like Richie Tenenbaum? Check. Gang's all here. Must be a basement Bushwick show space.

20. Everything about this guy.

Bonus: This pic was snapped while he was dancing on the rooftop of Brooklyn's McKibbin Lofts.

21. This raw vegan nut pate.

Which we sold at an underground (literally & figuratively) food market. We listed where Every Single Ingredient was sourced from, obviously.

22. This after-hours party thrown by an old lady in an L.A. strip-mall bar.

You can't tell from this picture, but there were a lot of mustaches on sticks involved.

23. This drone meditation teepee in my friends' backyard.

Okay, fine, it was my backyard too.

24. This cat.

Seriously, he's hanging out with DJ equipment in front of rosemary and a yurt. And he's sneering. Is there anything more hipster than this cat?