T. Swift's "Bad Blood" Has A LOT Of Cameos

Can there be too many cameos in one music video or one musical performance? Not for Taylor Swift, that's for sure. After weeks and months of teases, speculation and hopes for who might appear in Taylor Swift's music video for the single "Bad Blood," the video was finally unveiled at Sunday night's Billboard Music Awards, and the answers were finally given. We've already known from the last few days of teaser poster reveals and Twitter announcements made by Swift herself that she would star alongside such friends as Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Martha Hunt, Lena Dunham and many more in the new music video. So who from the exhaustive list of cameos gave the best performance? Too be honest, the cut of the video was a bit too short for my taste. I could have used a full story, guys.

The music video's main stars were Selena Gomez as the character Arsyn, alongside Swift as the character Catastrophe. Their characters began feuding after what appeared to be a backstabbing moment by Gomez's character. Gomez was definitely one of the standouts in the video, as she flipped around with Swift to beat up a bunch of men in an office building and later kicked Swift's character Catastrophe out the window where she landed on a car.

The other great standouts came from Kendrick Lamar, who played Welvin Da Great, a man who seemed to be helping Swift's Catastrophe recover from her fall thanks to Arsyn, as well as Lena Dunham's wordless 5-second appearance as a character named Lucky Fiori, who basically just smoked a cigar the whole time. Yet somehow she made it look awesome.

A special shoutout needs to go out to Zendaya, who played a character named Cut-Throat. She showed up only for a few seconds, but basically had the greatest ninja kicking legs on the planet. And, finally, who can forget Karlie Kloss' character Knockout and her epic boxing fight with Swift? Seriously ,T. Swift, please tell me there's a "Thriller"-style 14-minute cut of this video releasing soon?

Check out the video below.