Billboard Trophies Look Like A Certain Something

By now, lots of Billboard Music Awards have been handed out, both on and off screen, to various top artists on Sunday night in Las Vegas. Taylor Swift took home a bunch, as well as Sam Smith, Meghan Trainor, and Iggy Azalea. After awhile, I started to notice something about the statuette itself — the Billboard Music Award looks like a dildo. I mean, I think it's actually supposed to be a singing face with a microphone, but upon first glance, it looks totally phallic. It can't just be my dirty mind, because once you notice the resemblance, you cannot unsee it.

The Billboard Music Awards statuette was designed by Society Awards, a New York-based company that also designed the statues for the Emmys, Golden Globes, MTV Video Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, American Music Awards, and many more, as well as the trophies for MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, NBC's The Voice and ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Those are all amazingly awesome statues and trophies, but none of those awards look quite as phallic as the Billboard Music Award, which looks like a trophy you don't want take home and show your mom or dad. I don't think they'll quite see a music award when they see it, because I seriously can't unsee the dildo of it all.


See that? Golden dildo.


That's Luke Bryan and a big golden wang.


Imagine Dragons aren't imagining just one dildo, but FOUR.

I mean, it could be my dirty mind at work again, but I'm not the only one who saw it — Twitter did, too.

I knew it wasn't just my imagination!

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