11 Discreet Sex Toys For Travel, Because A Girl's Gotta Be Prepared For Anything

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Taking sex toys on journeys can be a tricky undertaking: you have to manage power requirements, discretion, noise, and hygiene at the bottom of your suitcase. General rules for traveling with sex toys include putting them in a Ziploc bag for hygiene, making sure they're powered off and, if possible, removing batteries and storing them safely (tape across both battery ends if you can) to avoid accidental activation. Bullet vibes that genuinely look like bullets and anything that looks "dangerous" are a bad idea to have in hand luggage: be careful about handcuffs, anything involving electric shocks, or bondage equipment that could be misconstrued.

And as much as you might think that discreet sex toys disguised as something else — like Crave's genius Vesper vibrator necklaces, or vibes that look like lipsticks — are a good idea for travel, you're forgetting the X-ray machine. In these days of heightened security, it's a good idea to carry things that aren't pretending to be anything else, even if, in size, sound and shape, they're not shouting it either.

A note: packing lube (and specialized toy cleaner, if that's your thing) is important, but keep it below 100mL to fit the airline regulations, otherwise it'll end up being thrown out. Put it in your clear liquids bag with a blank sticky label over the brand label if you're embarrassed — but the security staff won't be. They've seen everything.

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