Amanda Seyfried Does 'Vogue' Cover With An Awesome, Michelle Pfeiffer Vibe

What goes up must come down... and eventually go back up again. Amanda Seyfried covers Vogue's June 2015 issue and, while the actress saw her career cool just a bit in the past year, she's back with a slew of activity and films.

The cover is so striking for another reason: Seyfried looks almost exactly like actress Michelle Pfeiffer. Seriously, I had to double take.

Pfeiffer's angular features and strong cheekbones, along with her crystal blue eyes, have always been disarming and she has always been regarded as one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. Seyfried, with her oceanic eyes, her fine features, pink berry-stained lips, and wet head, totally channels classic Pfeiffer via Vogue.

It's, like, uncanny. For real.

But overall, Seyfried's cover look is one of minimal makeup, since she's got a statement lip hue in a matte formula and nothing in the way of bronzer or heavy eye shadow. It's all so subtle. Plus, it's as though she got out of the shower, shook out her hair with her hands, and let it air dry. In fact, her hair looks like it is still in the process of drying on the cover. It's an artfully disheveled look that requires no products!

Stunning, right? And so Pfeiffer-an!

Here's Pfeiffer on a Vogue cover in 1991. She could easily play Seyfried's older sister or mother in Ted 3... since Ted 2 is out this summer, with Seyfried in the lead female role.


This more recent image of Pfeiffer further illustrates how both actresses have eerily similar facial features.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And another Seyfried shot for comparison. IDK how I did not notice this before. They are like generational doppelgangers. Seyfried could so play Stephanie, which was Pfeiffer's role, in a remake of Grease 2. Yes, I want a remake of Grease 2, OK?

Oh, and before you go, if you want to copy Seyfried's cover look, you can do two things and go. Wash you hair and do nothing else to it. At all. Let it air dry and let the strands fall where they may.

Slick on a berry lipstick, like Urban Decay Revolution in Anarchy, and you are dunzo. Two steps to Seyfriend/Pfieffer? Not a bad start to a Monday.

Images: Vogue (2); Getty (2); Urban Decay (1)