North West Makes The Cutest Minnie Mouse

North West gets soooooo much press — and flak, or at least her mother Kim Kardashian does — for her luxe designer duds. It often seems a bit ridic for someone under the age of two to be wearing high end labels like Alexander Wang and Lanvin, or Doc Martens and leather pants. So when North West gets her face painted like Minnie Mouse, during a Sunday farm excursion, something that a lot of normal little girls do, I'm stoked to see it.

North West was one of the cutest Minnie Mouses ever, with her berry-tinted lips, which was part of the Minnie black, white, and red presentation. Hey, at least it's not Kardashian Kontouring, right? She's way too young for that.

Seriously, though, I encourage haters to give Kim a break, since she really does appear to be a good, present, and very involved mother who enjoys her quality bonding time with her baby girl, who, BTW, is the spitting image of her dad Kanye West.

Even with the Minnie makeover, comprised of a bow and lashes, all I see is Yeezy in North's adorbs facial features. She's his mini me, through and through.

However, notice that North does not look happy in this image, even with her Minnie makeup, but that's likely because it's all new to her. I remember getting some face paint as a kid and hating how the stuff felt on my face since I wasn't used to it!

So even if she isn't thrilled, she still looks crazy cute!

This snap is even better, since Nori is with a pal. Notice the Chrome Hearts top, too. Always the fashion plate.

Aw, check North in the makeup chair, which is essentially her mom's lap. Something tells me this won't be the last time we see here in this scenario, given her family's fame.

Again, I'm more moved by the fact that Kim Kardashian clearly delights in her role as mom, something I don't think she gets enough credit for yet deserves. Plus, I get to see North, hanging out, being a normal toddler, behaving like a civilian as opposed to a celeb.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's much more fun to see her in this setting, as opposed to the front row at a fashion show, with Anna Wintour to her left and Beyonce to her right, sans Blue Ivy.

The only thing that would have made this better? Oh, just Kim getting a Minnie Mouse makeover, too! She'd have rocked that shiz. Like mother, like Minnie, right?

Images: Kim Kardashian/Instagram (3); Getty (1)