What Makes Up An Uncle Phil Lesson? 'The Fresh Prince' Dad Was Very Wise — PIE CHART

When Will Smith first arrived to his Aunt and Uncle's Bel-Air mansion, he thought he would be in for some rest and relaxation. He soon came to realize, however, that his Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil were no pushovers. Life with the Banks family would be easier for Will in many ways, but James Avery's Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was always there to keep him grounded. The Big Guy, as he was called, always let Will know what was, and was not, acceptable. Throughout the six seasons of the series, Uncle Phil became Will's father. No matter what foolishness Will found himself tangled in, Uncle Phil was always there with a stern word, a shoulder to lean on, love, and laughter. With his life lessons and words of advice, he became a parent to all of us.

In what is arguably the most gut-wrenching moment of the entire series, Will's biological father Lou reappears in his life after a 14-year-long absence. Though Will and his father plan a trip together, Lou bails at the last minute, leaving Will heartbroken. However, this time he isn't alone. Though lost for words, Uncle Phil hugs his nephew as Will hopelessly asks, "How come he don't want me, man?" This moment encompassed all of the many ways that Uncle Phil imparted wisdom and strength onto his family, and, subsequently, onto us all. He was quite a man.

Here’s what makes up an Uncle Phil lesson in a pie chart.

Image: NBC; Dawn Foster/Bustle