25 Books For Dads He’ll Love, No Matter What Kind Of Reader (Or Father!) He Is

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Sharing books, I think, is the highest form of demonstrating love; and this list of 25 books for dads is one giant lovefest to bestow on your father. I'd give nearly every one to my own dad, who is awesome. He is the wisest and smartest person I know, but he’s also the humblest, the most compassionate and open-minded, plus the purest-hearted. Clearly, I am an unashamed daddy’s girl. But one thing I kind of wish my dad did a little more of? Read.

It’s not his fault, really. He works like crazy, and when he’s not working, he chooses to spend his time drinking good wine and watching Vikings (respect). But if your dad is anything like mine — and/or you are anything like me, which is to say, a hardcore book-lover — you’ll want to encourage your dad to get his nose in a book once in a while, too.

Give him any one of these engrossing titles — whether it’s for Father’s Day, his birthday, or on a charitable whim — and you’ll find him a dedicated reader in no time.

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