8 Reasons 'Bachelor' Fans Will Love Chris Harrison's Book 'The Perfect Letter' Even Though It Won't Win Him A Pulitzer

It was the most shocking news in Bachelor history: Chris Harrison was writing a book. When Harrison made this announcement during Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, I was surprised, even though after thinking about it, this was such a host-of-a-well-known-dating-show thing to do. The question wasn't why would Chris Harrison write a romance novel, it was, why wouldn't he?

Harrison has the perfect built-in audience in Bachelor Nation and I'm sure he knows it. The great thing about Bachelor fans is that we all know that the show is totally insane, while still being able to find some of the contestants genuinely endearing or funny, and even hoping that some of them find love. As F. Scott Fitzgerald once said, "The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." And that's what Bachelor Nation does every week. (Yes, I just used Fitzgerald to explain Bachelor fans. Yay college!)

Chris Harrison's book is similar. While I don't know that Harrison purposely made his book super cheesy, after reading it, I do know that it is super cheesy and that it sucked me in in spite of that. In fact, this story of a twenty-something woman getting back to her Texas roots while figuring out her love life has a lot in common with The Bachelor, which is exactly why fans of the show will enjoy reading it.


The Bachelor constantly shows us what's coming up next or what happened on the previous episode. The Perfect Letter does that in book form. Just get to it! At least, you don't have to worry about being confused...

It Starts Off Slow. Very Slow.

You know how you only really have to watch the second half of The Bachelor/ette to be able to follow everything. Yeah... the book doesn't really take off until around the 100 page mark, and but at that point you're totally sucked in.

Boring Sex Scenes

If you thought a Chris Harrison-penned sex scene would be boring, right you were! The sex scenes are on the same level as watching the bachelor/ette and one of their suitors sloppy kiss in a hot tub.

A Choice Between Two Dudes

Will it be the bad boy from Texas or the straight-laced Manhattanite who's ready to settle down and start a family? A question for the ages!

A Plot That Involves City Vs. Country

But can protagonist Leigh Merill really live on a farm with Chris Soules?! That's basically the gist of it.


Chris Harrison KNOWS this book exists because of The Bachelor, and I appreciate that. From the acknowledgments in the back to the roses that mark divisions between chapters, this book is meant for Bachelor fans. It even includes this necessary mention of reality TV: "Clearly it was a mistake to have gone out with Chloe last night — she should have stayed in and watched reality TV." GET IT???

A Not-So-Shocking Surprise Twist

Replace "the most shocking twist in Bachelorette history" with "the most shocking twist in The Perfect Letter," and you'll know that the twist isn't exactly shocking. It never is.

Perfectly Timed For Summer

Much like The Bachelorette is the perfect fun show to watch during summer time with a cold glass of rose, The Perfect Letter is an easy read for when you're bored but too distracted from being hot to really be able to focus too hard on anything.

In the end, if you're a big Bachelor fan and need something easy to read on the beach or on a plane, you'll enjoy The Perfect Letter because you can hate and love it for the exact same reasons you hate and love the show. And if you're not a fan of The Bachelor, then there is no way you were ever considering buying this book in the first place, so get outta here!

Get your copy of The Perfect Letter when it's released on May 19.

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