Who Will Die In 'The Flash' Season 1 Finale? These Central City Residents Are Due For A Heartbreaking Loss

One of the biggest things that differentiates The Flash from its predecessor, Arrow , is the fact that it maintains an upbeat and even cheerful demeanor. While Arrow always has the tendency to stray down a dark path of brooding and bloodshed, The Flash is cloaked with a light (and very welcome) sense of humor to help break up some of its more serious moments. But as the season now comes to a close, I can't help but wonder if things will end up taking a much darker turn. So far we've been able to survive this season with minimal casualties, but now that things with the Reverse-Flash are finally coming to a head, we should start asking ourselves one very important question: who will die in The Flash finale?

Because that's bound to happen, right? This show has gone way too long without forcing some serious pain and loss upon its characters. We've had a few close calls, of course. In fact, if it wasn't for Barry's time jump faux pas, Cisco's death would've stuck and we'd all still be on the floor sobbing. But I doubt we can be that lucky twice, which means someone's bound to meet their maker by episode's end. It's just a question of who the unlucky victim will be. So as a way to help prepare ourselves for such a potentially devastating loss, I figured I'd run down a list of candidates who may be in the most danger. (Fingers crossed that I'm wrong on all accounts.)

Joe West

Rick Cosnett, who plays Eddie Thawne recently told TVLine how tear-inducing the scenes between Grant Gustin and Jesse L. Martin can be among the cast. "It makes us all just break down and cry every time. It’s really touching… It’s going to be an awesome finale." Call me paranoid, but this seems to indicate that some major sob-worthy scenes are coming up between Barry and Joe. Could this mean that Joe is in danger of getting killed off? He's remained like a father to Barry throughout the majority of his life. So to have that taken away would prove to have a significant impact on our Red Speedster, which could very well be a plot direction the writers are looking to explore. Watch your back, Joe.

Iris West

I doubt this is true, especially given that, in the comics, Iris isn't killed until after she and Barry are married. And since we're far from seeing these two head down the altar together, I'd say she's in the clear right now, but you never know. The Flash has more than proven to be its own entity and could diverge from the comics in a variety of different ways. Iris' death could be one of them. Gulp.

Cisco Ramon

I hate to even think it because I've grown to love this character so much, but given that we've already seen him die by the hands of the Reverse-Flash once, it could very well be fated to happen again — except this time it might actually stick. If Final Destination has taught me anything throughout the years, it's that you can't escape death. It will always find you. What if Cisco was meant to die? And if that's the case, there's only so long he'll be able to fight it. (Please don't do this to us, writers. I beg of you.)

Harrison Wells

Or are we calling him Eobard Thawne these days? Either way, there's always a chance that the Reverse-Flash will end up meeting his fatal demise by the end of the season. Granted, I kinda hate the idea of losing out on a truly incredible villain so soon. (He is Barry's ultimate nemesis, after all.) However, there's no telling what Tom Cavanagh's schedule is like. For all we know, he'll decide to do what Jada Pinkett Smith did with Gotham and only do one season. I truly hope that isn't the case though. The Flash just wouldn't be the same without his evil counterpart.

Henry Allen

For so long Barry has been determined to prove his father's innocence. But what if he can't? What if his father dies before he can clear his name? Barry would never forgive himself, which could be just the kind of plot ammunition this series is looking for heading into Season 2. We may get to see a much darker side of Barry Allen yet.

But hey, who knows? Maybe The Flash will decide to end on a lighter note, leaving everyone alive and well. Though, just to play devil's advocate, I'd set out a box of tissues on your living room couch. You know, just in case.

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