10 Summer Bucket List Ideas To Try Before You Start College, Because Now Is The Time To Start Checking Things Off

The summer between graduating high school and beginning college is one of the best times in a person's life (at least, up until that point). Make sure you spend yours accordingly by checking off each item from this ultimate summer bucket list designed with the pre-college student in mind.

You're likely feeling accomplished from getting your high school diploma, and you're looking forward to having a fresh start at a new college — could life be any better? Take all that positive energy, and channel it towards having one of the most awesome and memorable summers of your life. Everything is going to change soon enough, so it's important to soak up all the memories you can with your family, high school friends, and hometown before heading off to enter the college bubble.

This list of 10 bucket list items for high school grads incorporates a little bit of everything, but at the root of it all is the aim to get the most out of your summer while still finding time to unwind and refresh. From road trips and "staycations" to reading for fun and cooking from scratch, don't be afraid to keep yourself busy this summer, even if that means keeping busy relaxing. You've got three months, so make them count!

1. Take a road trip with your high school friends

You're probably going to be attending different colleges than your closest friends, so it's essential to make as many lasting memories as you can now. Taking a road trip with your besties is a perfect way to cement your relationships for life. You never forget those who you've traveled with.

2. Get through those books you've always wanted to read

If you thought you had a lot of required reading in high school, just you wait. Get through all those books you've been meaning to read for pleasure this summer, because once college starts, you'll be stuck with your nose in a textbook most of the time.

3. Go on a family vacation

Family vacations don't have to be trips to Disneyland and camping out at the closest state park (but if they are, all the more power to you). Whatever you and your family choose to do this summer, make sure you invest yourself in it. They may seem annoying now, but you'll miss them once you move out.

4. Indulge in a "staycation" at home

Sleeping in, snacking from the fridge, and waltzing around in your pajamas all day long... go ahead, enjoy yourself. Once you start living in the college dorms, you'll start to think of your parents' home as a castle. Free food and an entire kitchen to yourself? Trust me, it's a bliss that you're going to miss.

5. Dye your hair a crazy color

Come on, hasn't everyone secretly wanted to dye their hair lavender purple since Nicole Richie did it? Now's your chance. And guess what? Even if it doesn't grow out before September, it doesn't matter one bit. No college has a "dress code."

6. Disconnect from social media for a week

Yes, you can do it. I believe in you. Everyone needs to disconnect now and again. A week really isn't that long, and when you're not busy checking your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every 10 seconds, you might actually have some great epiphanies before school starts.

7. Explore your hometown

You want to make sure you've seen everything there is to see in your hometown before you leave it temporarily (or possibly, permanently!). Check out every nook and cranny, and search for cool, hidden places. After all, when everyone at college asks you where you're from, you'll want to be able to tell them about it.

8. Catch a scenic sunrise

Whether it's over the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, or a metropolitan cityscape, make the time to catch at least one sunrise from a viewpoint this summer. There's something about sunrises that you can never forget, and making memories is the most important thing you can be doing this summer.

9. Make a multi-course dinner from scratch

You likely won't find much time to cook while you're at college, so challenge yourself to put together a mini-feast for friends this summer. Cooking is surprisingly therapeutic, and if you get your buddies to help out, you're sure to have a blast even during the prep work and clean up.

10. Don't waste a moment

This doesn't mean that you have to be on the run every second of every day, but it does mean that you should be sure to indulge in your freedom and fully enjoy your time off. Make time for activities and chilling, but don't waste anytime on unnecessary drama.

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