Instagram Star Mayhem's J. Crew Clothing Line Will Make You Wish You Were A Kid Again

Fashion can be a lot of fun and Instagram star Mayhem's J. Crew clothing line shows that imagination and a youthful spirit can result in an impressive collection. The five-year-old known for recreating unforgettable red carpet gowns using paper and craft supplies has teamed up with J. Crew for the company's Crewcuts clothing line for kids. Ever since the exciting news was announced last December, fans of J. Crew and the pint-sized fashion icon wondered what's in store for their spring collaboration.

The Little Mayhem for J. Crew collection includes 10 pieces for girls, ranging in price from $110 to $22.50. Mayhem was inspired by the season's colors, from bright pinks and oranges, as well as playful prints and craft-inspired details (tassels and pom poms, anyone?). There are also versatile pieces from Mayhem's clothing line, including a white skirt with gold trim, which make it easier for parents to mix and match this collection with other brands. For a touch of Hollywood glam — because fans know that Mayhem loves a red carpet moment — accessories like a beaded necklace and party tiara are also available.

Check out pieces from Little Mayhem for J. Crew below, which are only available only. Shop the entire collection now at

Tassel Tee, $54.50

This grey t-shirt has North West's name written all over it.

Party Dress, $110.00

This must be the dress that passed Mayhem and her mom's "twirlability" test.

Romper $78.00

Blue Ivy will take a couple of these for her family's next island getaway.

Embroidered Scarf, $38.00

Even moms will want to get these scarves for themselves.

Party Tiara, $34.50

Paging HRH Princess Charlotte.

Last but not least, here's Mayhem modeling pieces from her J. Crew collection:

Images: 2sisters_angie/Instagram; J. Crew (4)