25 Floral Co-Ord Sets That Have Us Believing Flower Print for Summer Is Actually Groundbreaking

Alright, we know that “florals” are a very spring trend, but contrary to popular believe, they do have a place among all the sand and seashells you associate with summer. We may only be a month plus change away from beach days and boardwalk nights, BBQs and lounging by the pool, but spring is leaving a piece of her behind as she takes her final bows. Enter the on-trend floral co-ords that are currently taking your favorite retailers by storm. I advise you take full advantage of this.

Don't roll your eyes. Florals for summer may actually be groundbreaking. When I think of spring, I think of flowers blooming and the huge wave of pollen smacking me in the face, drowning my nose, watering my eyes, and the inevitable sneezing fits and Kleenex boxes by the piles to follow.

But when I think of summer flowers? I think of bright lilac and pink petals swaying in a warm breeze lining the perimeter of a restaurant's walk-up overlooking looking the shore. A much more pleasant picture, don’t you agree?

As an October baby myself, I have an unhealthy obsession with sweaters and scarves, causing me to pack away four boxes of fall clothes leaving a summer wardrobe that is currently lacking in all departments. However, after browsing around the internet to find you the best of the best floral co-ords, filling my closet with warm-weather attire shouldn't be a problem.

Check out 25 floral co-ords you must add to your summer wardrobe right now.

1. DressLily Round Neck Backless Floral Print Suit

Sexy Round Neck Backless Floral Print Suit For Women, $16, Dresslily

2. DressLily Floral Print Sweatshirt and Shorts

Stylish Full Floral Print Sweatshirt and Elastic Waist Drawstring Shorts Women's Suit, $38, Dresslily

3. Zara Floral Print Top with Pleated Skirt

Zara Printed Top, $50, Zara

Zara Printed Skirt with Pleats, $79.90, zara.com

4. BDG Kuta Tank Top and Beach Shorts

BDG Kuta Tank Top, $39, Urban Outfitters

BDG Kuta Beach Short, $39, Urban Outfitters

5. Little White Lies Bralette and Culotte Short

Little White Lies Payton Bralette, $65, Urban Outfitters

Little White Lies Phoenix Culotte Short, $99, Urban Outfitters

6. Somedays Lovin Bungalow Printed Cami and Shorts

Somedays Lovin Bungalow Printed Cami, $59, Urban Outfitters

Somedays Lovin Bungalow Printed Short, $69, Urban Outfitters

7. Joie Floral Print Silk Blouse and Shorts

Joie 'Axcel' Floral Print Silk Blouse, $268, Nordstrom

Joie 'Lanina' Floral Print Silk Shorts, $178, Nordstrom

8. Leith Tropical Print Sleeveless Top and Midi Skirt

Leith Tropical Print Sleeveless Top, $38, Nordstrom

Leith Tropical Midi Skirt, $58, Nordstrom

9. Zoe and Rose Floral Fringe Tank and Shorts

Zoe and Rose Floral Print Fringe Tank, $34, Nordstrom

Zoe and Rose Floral Print Tassel Trim Shorts, $42, Nordstrom

10. ASOS Floral Jacquard Jacket and Short

ASOS Jacket in Floral Jacquard, $90, ASOS

ASOS Short in Floral Jacquard, $63, ASOS

11. ASOS Dark Printed Floral Jacket and Short

ASOS Jacket in Dark Printed Floral, $73, ASOS

ASOS Dark Floral Printed Short, $54, ASOS

12. Bellfield Floral Sweatshirt and Shorts

Bellfield Floral Sweatshirt Co-ord, $58, ASOS

Bellfield Floral Shorts Co-Ord, $35, ASOS

13. Cameo Floral Crop Top and Culottes

Floral Crop Top By Cameo Collective, $180, Topshop

Floral Culottes By Cameo, $240, Topshop

14. Boutique Takashi Crop Top and Trousers

Boutique Takashi Silk Crop Top, $85, Topshop

Boutique Takashi Wide Leg Trousers, $180, Topshop

15. MissGuided Floral Embroidered Top and Shorts

Floral Embroidered Shell Top in White, $50, Missguided

Floral Embroidered High Waisted Shorts in White, $44, Missguided

16. MissGuided Floral Print Crop Top and Shorts

Floral Print Crop Top in Blue, $40, Missguided

Ladder Detail Floral Print Shorts in White, $40, Missguided

17. MissGuided Peonie Print Crop Top and Pants

Peonie Print Crop Top in Navy, $50, Missguided

Peonie Print Cigarette Pants in Navy, $60, Missguided

18. MissGuided Floral Print Crop Top and A-Line Skirt

Bae Contrast Floral Print Crop Top, $20, Missguided

Charlize Contrast Floral Print A-Line Skirt, $18, Missguided

19. MissGuided Floral Neoprene Shell Top and Skirt

Evie Rose Print Neoprene Shell Top in Black, $20, Missguided

Scarlette Rose Print Neoprene Skirt in Black, $16, Missguided

20. Vintage Rose Tassel Crop Top and Shorts

Floral Print Tassel Hem Crop Top in Black, $36, Missguided

Vintage Rose Tassel Shorts in Black, $44.00, Missguided

21. Lua Floral Off the Shoulder Mini Co-Ord

Lua Floral Off The Shoulder Mini Co-Ord Set, $30, Boohoo

22. Tilly Tropical Floral Co-Ord Set

Tilly Tropical Floral Co-Ord Set, $30, Boohoo

23. Daisy Print Notch Front Crop Top and Shorts

Clara Daisy Print Notch Front Crop, $14, Boohoo

Phoebe Daisy Print Notch Front Shorts, $10, Boohoo

24. Lulu Floral Trouser Co-Ord Set

Lulu Floral Trouser Co-Ord Set, $30, Boohoo

25. Bar III Floral Cropped Top & Pants

Bar III Floral-Print Sleeveless Cropped Top & Wide-Leg Pants, $49.99, Macys

Drooling yet?

Images: Courtesy Brands