Victoria Beckham Merges Her Fashion Lines Together, So What Will The New Collection Feature?

Closets and bathrooms aren't the only things in need of some spring cleaning. Victoria Beckham is merging her fashion lines, so things are about to get a lot neater, tidier, and streamlined at the house of Beckham.

The British designer announced that she will be merging two of her lower priced lines together, integrating her Victoria Beckham Denim line into the Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection, starting from the pre-spring/summer 2016 collection onwards. This simplification will create a "more evolved version" of her secondary line. Beckham has drawn much notoriety for her main collection, which focuses on high-end, luxe materials, classic silhouettes, and some extremely deep pockets (monetarily speaking, that is —dressing like Posh does not come cheap).

Naturally, her lower-priced, and therefore more accessible, line experienced its own success, though it has mostly focused on daywear, dresses, and printed separates. Merging the whimsical collection with her casual, staple-based denim line allows the buyer more opportunity to find everything she needs for her wardrobe all in one spot, and obviously more options will attract a larger customer base, so it was probably a smart business decision. The new collection will range from $195 to $1,900.

LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Images: Getty Images