President Obama & Bill Clinton Tweeting Jokes At One Another Is Exactly Like Your Dad's Friends Trying To Use Social Media

On Monday, Obama started the week off right (as your dad might say) by joining Twitter as himself (as your dad might do) with his introductory tweet: "Hello, Twitter! It's Barack" (aka almost exactly what your dad wrote when he joined Facebook in 2012). "Really!" the president continued jovially. "Six years in, they're finally giving me my own account." It didn't take long for other past and present (and, hopefully, future!) residents of the White House to join in the merriment, including Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama, who tweeted at Obama within hours. Honestly, the whole thing felt like your parents hopped up on social media, frenziedly writing "comments" to one another on Instagram and giggling to themselves.

So far, Obama has sent two tweets: the introductory tweet, which has been retweeted 170,000 times and counting, and an update on his day. "In Camden today, seeing first-hand how smart policing is making the community safer while building trust," he wrote, attaching a picture of himself with some of Camden High School's basketball team and police officers. He's already amassed more than one million followers in less than 12 hours, which is pretty much the only difference between Obama's personal introduction to social media and your dad's.

Bill Clinton wrote back to Obama:

Somewhere, Bill Clinton is slapping himself on the back for that one — greeting a friend, using a hashtag, and plugging Hillary's 2016 campaign all in one tweet! Good one, Bill.

Meanwhile, in the Oval Office, President Obama probably smacked the table happily and thought to himself, "Ha! Bill thinks he can one-up me on the Twitter. Not this time, Bill!" and wrote a sassy reply.

And so the Dad Wars begin.

Then Michelle:

"Hee hee!" Michelle presumably thought as she hijacked, ironically, her personal account (which is actually run by her office) to write a personal tweet to her husband. "We'll have a giggle about this over some nice pinot noir tonight!"

Now, it's a little confusing to chastise the president for taking six years to open a personal account when her own is run by staff, but that's probably a more convoluted version of what your mom writes to your dad on Facebook: sent with love and the best of intentions, but not exactly making sense.

Somewhere, Hillary Clinton is puzzling over a witty response to this exchange. You can do it, Hilz.