The 13 Miley Cyrus Moments That Made Us Most Uncomfortable

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It has indubitably been a huge year for Miley Cyrus. She has transformed her look completely, put out a chart-topping album, broken her engagement, and felt Robin Thicke's inappropriate stripey penis against her latex-covered butt. Miley has killed Hannah Montana and risen, like a phoenix, out of the glittery, Disney owned ashes, but it hasn't been an easy journey from Disney star to sexualized pop princess.

In the process of creating the Miley Cyrus brand, Miley has scandalized and shocked her way to the top of the charts. And although we are now slowly coming around to her new persona and her accompanying sound, there have times when it wasn't OK, when we wished sadly for the Hannah Montana of years past. However, as this wonderful year of our lord comes to a close, it seems only right to reflect on the low points, when Miley 'just bein' Miley' wasn't a good enough excuse. Besides, when it comes to reflecting on Miley's more awkward ventures, well, we can't stop. We won't stop.

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