Beyonce's New Vid Makes Us Jealous In 30 Seconds

If you're familiar with high fidelity music streaming brand Tidal — or even if you're not — you might want to mosey on over now to check out how Nicki Minaj's 30-second clip of "I'm Feeling Myself" with Nicki Minaj is officially going to make you super jelly. We honestly need to pay accolades to how a clip of such brevity could pack in the amount of shenanigans Beyonce and Minaj take part in during what looks like the best Sunday Funday anyone could ever ask for. Spoiler alert: there are cheeseburgers and a bouncy castle happening in the vid.

The clip begins with Beyonce dancing in front of a car whilst Minaj raps and Beyonce is basically having the time of her life. It isn't long before we are cut away to a scene where both Beyonce and Minaj are eating cheeseburgers (YUM!) in a bouncy castle and Beyonce turns to the camera all saucer-eyed, like “WHAT'S UP?! Is this not the best day ever in the history of best days ever?! Don’t you wish you had gotten an invite?” Yes, Beyonce, I do wish I had gotten an invite to the cheeseburgers-and-a-bouncy-castle party and I am now thoroughly jelly.

As the clip continues, Beyonce continues to be amazed by Nicki Minaj’s dope rhymes, which are definitively on fleek, if I do say so myself. From there, the two continue making us hungry by eating delicious burger. Beyonce points at the burger at one point — with a very gorgeously manicured finger — and then face-palms as if to say, “OMG, this burger is just the best thing ever right now. I can’t.”

As if things could get any better, the camera then cuts to a pool party where one person is riding on an inflatable alligator (crocodile?) and another is seated on what I think is an inflatable kiwi slice, but who even knows. The video concludes with Beyonce and Minaj grinning ear to ear (because, seriously, why WOULDN’T they be) and Beyonce repeating the mantra “I’m feeling myself" as she and Minaj caress their own throats while starring upside-down at us from what I’m assuming is a bed or couch or something. They put their respective braids beneath their nostrils as faux mustaches (we’ve all done that) and then just wave “BYE!” at us and go on to do what I assume are more awesome things.

Images: Tidal; Giphy (2)