9 Glamping Sites That Will Change How You Feel About "Camping" For The Rest Of Your Life

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I spent a lot of time at camping sites when I was a little girl. But as I've grown older, my desire to spend a few nights sleeping on the ground in a cramped tent with no WiFi and only one opportunity to shower has diminished — thank goodness for glamping sites! Glamping is the art of "camping" while enjoying five-star hotel amenities, provided you're willing to pay the price, and you're up for a summer adventure.

Thanks to some insight from Cortnie Purdy Fausner, co-founder and creative director of The Venue Report, an awesome site that helps you find the chicest wedding, vacation, and party venues, and more, I've rounded up nine glamping sites that will make you wonder how you ever tolerated regular camping in the first place.

Image: Mustang Monument

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