11 Lazy Girl Outfit Hacks For Effortless Ensembles That Look Super Trendy

Though the fashion industry is populated with chic bloggers, editors, and designers who appear to emerge out of slumber fully clothed in something avant-garde and utterly glamorous, not all souls are blessed with the innate "Good Style" gene. Us lazy girls need outfit hacks to make the prospect of devising a creative ensemble every day is less daunting. Further complicating matters are those days when you're just not in the mindset or mood to fashion a look Rachel Zoe would cry, "Bananas!" over, let alone separate from your oh-so-comfortable pajamas. There is no shame in a lazy day now and then, but such sartorial ennui must be met with a solution lest you saunter into the office or a first date sporting the same rumpled outfit you sported several days before.

With several simple outfit hacks, you can remain loyal to your laziness while maintaining the outward appearance of a fastidious and pristine dresser. The key to any successful ensemble is a combination of ingenuity and deference to wardrobe classics, and these shortcuts are all about embracing staples while injecting a soupcon of individuality to every single look. Read on for 11 lazy girl outfit hacks that will revolutionize your life — and cut back on your styling time.

1. Lace It Up

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Though a camisole may be unacceptable in the confines of most conservative work environments, the item is ideal for an after-hours jaunt to the local bar — especially when indolence prevents you from completely transitioning out of your post-work loungewear.

2. Play With Layers

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Denim and a tank top may be the most fundamental outfit pairing known to the fashion industry, but the ensemble simply begs to be built upon for greater sartorial impact. For a more multidimensional look without the herculean effort, layer a flannel or windowpane-patterned shirt atop your tank.

3. Celebrate Pajama Day

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Gone are the days when sporting sleepwear in public was considered a mark of mental instability. If Rihanna can sport pajamas in public, so can you. However, donning your pajama top is only advisable if your chosen piece is silk, free from juvenile patterns, and worn with a streamlined pencil skirt or pair of trousers.

4. Use Accessories For Cleavage Control

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If an especially revealing blouse is causing you to reevaluate your entire ensemble, simply reach for a multi-layered statement necklace or patterned silk neck scarf to conceal any skin you don't wish to display instead of discarding your outfit completely.

5. Top Up Your LBD

There is no shame in reusing a beloved LBD in a short period of time as long as you style the piece differently for each wear. Completely transform your LBD by layering on a colorful crop top, lightweight sweater, or knotted oxford shirt. The resulting ensemble will appear a well-crafted skirt-and-top pairing and breathe new life into your dress.

6. ...Or Embrace A Fashionable Flare


Alternatively, slip a flared skirt over your LBD to transform a staid staple into a fresh and vibrant spring ensemble.

7. Define Your Waist (And Your Personality)


Even the blandest of ensembles can benefit from the addition of a belt, and the accessory requires mere seconds to pop atop a simple frock or trousers.

8. Get Leggy With It

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Though there remains some confusion regarding whether or not black leggings can be considered pants, you can enhance the illusion by sporting a thigh-grazing tunic and boots to sprint between yoga and a coffee date.

9. Dip Into Your Boudoir Wardrobe


Though sporting your Spanx sans outerwear in public is a sartorial cry for help, a raw silk or satin slip is quite another story when worn with the correct accoutrements. Add a loose blazer and a pair of heeled booties to the ensemble, and you have a look that translates perfectly to a first date.

10. Call On Your Inner Coquette

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Bralets are best left for the boudoir — unless you happen to fashion them with high-waisted denim or skirts. If the weather is too sultry for a heavy blouse or button down, substitute a bralet instead.

11. Put Your Best Foot Forward

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Never doubt the power of a pair of statement stilettos, boots, or flats when attempting to elevate a lackluster look.

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