Rihanna's Dior Secret Garden IV Commercial Features 9 Major Fashion Moments, From Spikes To Sparkles

It may only span a minute in length, but it's certainly high impact. Rihanna's Dior Secret Garden IV commercial, filmed at Versailles and boasting a snippet of her new song "If Only for a Night," features the singer and fashion influencer in a variety of luxe ensembles and strutting her stuff... literally.

When Rih is wearing a pair of spiked, glossy black heels, taking measured, careful steps while clacking through the palace, her gait takes on even more confidence and she oozes more sex appeal. I know, I didn't think that was possible, but it happens.

From the spiked heels to the sparkly metallic dress to her overcoat to her ear jewelry, Rihanna prances around Versailles as if she owned it, and for the space of 60 seconds, well, she does.

It really was only a matter of time before Rihanna linked up with Dior and the commercial celebrating their partnership doesn't disappoint. In fact, I probably watched the spot six or seven times in order to fully absorb everything that happens within this precious minute, which is cloaked in darkness and unfolds under the cover of night.

You are forced to pay attention so that you don't miss anything because of the midnight tones and the fact that you spend much of the spot viewing her from the back. It's quite a view, though!

Here's every fashion and beauty look from the Rihanna x Dior commercial. Loving that chain-strap crossbody, too.

1. Well-Heeled

It's always about the shoes, isn't it? These are wielded like weapons.

2. Ladylike

Rihanna ascends the stairs in a ladylike frock with a full skirt.

3. Sparkle And Shake

The sparkly metallic dress moves with and like Rihanna.

4. Above The Neck

With her deep, dark, almost black matte lipstick and styled ear jewelry, Rihanna's above-the-neck accessorizing is flawless.

5. Secret Agent? No,That's Just Rihanna

That overcoat is as glossy as her heels and gives off a "secret agent" vibe. Rihanna's a new form of Bond Girl! The slick and shiny jacket contrasts beautifully with her severe matte lips.

6. Red Hot With Sideboob

Rihanna is hotter than lava; this is inarguable. But anyone else notice that sideboob, which is just as hot?

7. Thinly Veiled

Red lips? Check. A netted veil that's bedazzled? Check.

8. Who's That Girl?

It's as though the impeccably dressed Rihanna is waiting to greet you.

9. Lady In White

Is Rihanna the lady in white, twirling about? You can't tell, but it stands to reason that it's her. Now watch the actual commercial below.

Images: YouTube (10)