What To Do On Memorial Day If It Rains, Because It's Possible To Have Fun Even If You're Stuck Inside

Summer is all about the sun, and the warmth we can all finally embrace after a torturous winter and super short spring. But what happens if it rains on Memorial Day — that much-anticipated kick-off to summer? How are you supposed to celebrate on the beach if you're basking underneath dark clouds and surrounded by puddles? How are you going to play cocktail-fueled games in the sand with all of your favorite people if it's just pouring down rain all day? It might not be the most ideal way to celebrate Memorial Day, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun.

A rainy day isn't the end of the world. In fact, it's not even a legitimate problem. It just makes whatever plans you have a little colder and a little wetter. You can still have all the booze, foods drizzled in BBQ sauce, and awesome party games you envisioned enjoying on this national holiday. Don't let the rain stop you from taking full advantage of the paid day off you've been given. If you're looking to keep your Memorial Day celebration dry and warm, here are a bunch of fun ways to take the party indoors. I promise — you can still have an amazing time.

1. Head to the movies

There are SO MANY good movies in theaters right now, and even more coming to theaters on Memorial Day weekend. Start your summer with the Barden Bellas of Pitch Perfect, The Avengers, Mad Max, the Furious family, and more.

2. Bust out those cards and board games

Board games and card games are a blast. Everyone always secretly wants to play games at a party, but something or someone needs to lead the charge. A rainy day is the ideal catalyst for a game day, because everyone goes into it with a Meh, I guess we have no other choice frame of mind, and leaves with a BEST. DAY. EVER. smile on their face.

3. Play in the rain

Memorial Day is a day without work or school or any major responsibilities. So why not act like a kid and actually play in the rain? Puddle-jump, dance around, or just ignore the rain entirely and do whatever outdoor activity you were planning to do anyway.

4. Go shopping

The sales this weekend are endless, which means that you'll get spectacular deals everywhere you go. If you can't spend the day on the beach relaxing, you might as well treat yo'self with tons of tangible goodies.

5. Build a grownup fort

If there were ever a good day to do this and not feel silly, it's today. If you need to take a few shots of Fireball first, by all means.

6. Bring the picnic indoors

Take your fabulous summery food spread and fill your indoor table with it. Put the red and white tablecloth on the floor, and feast without ants or grass. Food is wonderful ANYWHERE, you guys.

7. Set up some drinking games

Beer pong, quarters, flip cup — bring it all inside. Sure, things will get a little messier, but it'll also bring that high school "let's not get caught" vibe, and you'll all feel young and rebellious once again.

Image: Silvia Sala/Flickr; Giphy (7)