Evans Is Launching Body Positive #StyleHasNoSize Collection To Prove That Confidence Is The Best Accessory

It's a great time for all things body positive, especially when it comes to the world of fashion, where retailers everywhere are finally starting to jump on the all-bodies-are-beautiful train and getting behind the cause. Joining in on the size acceptance movement and the curvy fashion revolution, plus-size retailer Evans is launching a #StyleHasNoSize collection of t-shirts and handbags come June to celebrate fashion and style for women of all sizes.

The inspiration for the line came after Evans sent plus-size models down the runway at the 2014 London Fashion Week, during the SS15 Design Collective For Evans. The women were wearing high fashion threads (a London Fashion week first) using the slogan "style has no size." Evans was thrilled to receive so many positive reactions and feedback from women everywhere who also believed in the brand's mantra: That there are fashionistas who are confident, sexy, and bold in their fashion choices, and who aren't limited by their size.

These women recognize the beauty in the fuller form, and realize that all humans deserve great style and acceptance in the fashion world. The statement "style has no size" aims to encompass style for women of all sizes, whether you are a size 6 or a size 26. It's no longer about being small, or thin, or even fat — it's about proving that body confidence is the best accessory. Evans, I couldn't agree more!

The notion that "style has no size" is a profoundly important one in our society today, where we are constantly battling for the right to feel confident, beautiful, and stylish, no matter our size. But fashion and personal style are about expressing one's self and identity, not about how thin or small or "fit" your body is.

Evans' #StyleHasNoSize tee makes a strong statement to the fashion industry and reinforces this fact. With people everywhere of all sizes wearing these shirts and taking them to the streets, together we can make our voices heard loud and clear. We can continue to take back the true meaning of fashion — we can continue to reiterate that the sartorial world was meant to include all of us.

Summer is a fantastic time to sport those (ever popular) graphic tees, and making bold, body positive, sociopolitical statements by way of fashion is totally trending right now (if you haven't noticed). I don't know about you, but I truly believe that making your voice heard through the means of fashion is one of the strongest, most powerful ways you can be heard.

Bold, blunt, and full of truth, the #StyleHasNoSize tee does just this. These fantastic body positive shirts will be available at Evans in June (along with a line of bags!) and what's more: All the proceeds will go to a children's charity, The Rainbow Trust. Supporting two incredible causes in one go is making me feel all the feels!

Images: Courtesy Evans/Daily Mail Online