Family Ruins Proposal In Just About Every Way Possible, Like Seriously, You Can't Help But Be Impressed — VIDEO

If you've ever felt like your parents have totally embarrassed you, whether it was back in high school when your mom would kiss you in front of the school gates, or now, when your mom comments on your Facebook in a way that betrays that she doesn't quite get Facebook, you've got NOTHING on this woman and her embarrassing mom. This woman's mom is so embarrassing that she and the rest of the family ruined her proposal in literally every possible way, after her mom interrupted the romantic beach scene by tripping over a rock and throwing the rest of the family into a pretty hectic frenzy. Can I get a "Moooooooo-Ooooooooom!!!!!!" up in here?

The best and the worst part of the video is that after the mother falls over, spoiling what was supposed to be the proposal moment, the boyfriend kneels and proposes anyway, totally ignoring the crazy scene and any pain the mom might be experiencing as a result of the fall. THIS MAN MEANS BUSINESS, guys. No mamma tripping over a rock in the middle of his proposal is going to stop him. I feel like a man with that kind of resolve is the kind of guy you want to marry, so kudos to the daughter of the clumsy mother for locking that down.

Watch the whole romantic comedy of errors below:

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Photos: malakhkelevra/Flickr; YouTube