Did Lady Gaga Hire Vera Wang To Design Her Wedding Dress? It Would Be A Safe Yet Unexpected Choice

Lady Gaga is engaged to hunktacular Chicago Fire actor Taylor Kinney and what Little Monsters and fashion fiends are most interested in re: those nuptials is what dress Gaga will wear when she waltzes down the aisle, and which designer will have made Gaga's wedding gown. Lady Gaga reportedly hired Vera Wang to design her wedding dress, and while Wang's specialty is beautiful—stunning, even!—bridal frocks, her aesthetic isn't exactly Gaga-ian.

Life & Style claims a Gaga source said, "She trusts Vera to create an elegant, flowy dress that will fit into her dream wedding!"

Hmm, while Gaga x Vera Wang is a matter of speculation and is unconfirmed, the prospect did get me thinking.

On the surface, having Vera Wang create Gaga's dream dress seems a bit, I dunno, safe for someone as outrageous with her fashions as Gaga — as in, Wang creates stunning bridal gowns made of lace and tulle, not raw beef. It's actually an unpredictable choice. But only because Wang is a semi-predictable celeb wedding gown designer choice who was hired by the likes of Mariah Carey and Khloe Kardashian and is not who you would not expect Gaga to go with.

I would think that Gaga would enlist the services of houses like Alexander McQueen or Thierry Mugler or Versace, all brands with which Ma Monster has had associations. I would also expect her to have unlimited input or take on the "co-designer" role with the dress; she can't give up that much fashion control.

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I'd expect her to have handblown crystals flown in from some exotic, little-known region tucked somewhere in Asia and paired with feathers that were somehow ethically sourced from an endangered species who would not be harmed in the process. Gaga would also probably figure out how to harvest those feathers and further that particular species' numbers in the process, since she's Gaga.

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Then I remembered what she said about her wedding preferences and I am not so shocked that she might consider Vera Wang as her wedding dress designer.

Here's the three reasons Vera Wang might really be the right option for this bride-to-be.

1. She Can Be Stefani Germanotta, Not Lady Gaga, At Her Wedding


Even though a wedding dress is the biggest fashion statement that most women make in their lives, Gaga makes daily style proclamations, so her wedding day can be a "break" from that.

She once joked to Howard Stern that she would be happy getting a dress at David's Bridal which is the chain of all chains. Maybe she doesn't want to be shocking at her wedding, and she can rely on Wang to create something lovely.

2. Vera Wang Bridal Gowns Are Gorgeous

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Let's not forget that Wang is a celeb bridal gown go-to because she has earned it. Wang makes gorgeous dresses. I can't and shouldn't discount that hard, fast fact. Wang can make a custom gown for the pop diva, with Gaga's personal style in mind, and the singer can further Gaga it up with accessories and other details, if that's the road she chooses to take.

3. It'll Still Be One of A Kind

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There's nothing wrong with David's Bridal and I am sure many happy brides find and have found fabulous wedding gowns in their stores, but Lady Gaga needs something one-of-a-kind. She is a trendsetter in fashion and even her wedding gown needs to go "there" in some way, shape, form, or fabric.

Yes, mass retailers can eventually knock off her gown, if it is indeed a Vera Wang original, at mass. But something doesn't feel right about Lady Gaga having the same gown as other brides. It's like getting a flash tattoo off the wall at a parlor.

It must be nice, though, for Gaga to have options, both normal and extraordinary, for her big day.

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