This Mom Imitates Her Kid Coming Out Of The Closet In The Most Hilarious And Supportive Way — VIDEO

Here's your new favorite mom of the day. This hilarious, obviously no-nonsense mother reenacts her child coming out of the closet in the most matter-of-fact and supportive way ever. Standing by a door, she talks about her daughter's announcement like it was a giant no-brainer. Sporadically opening the door and talking to an invisible person inside, she keeps asking her imaginary child if she's ready to come out yet. For this mother, obviously, "acceptance" wasn't ever an issue. It just was. Which is how more people should react to "coming out", because if we all just accepted our LGBTQ loved ones like this woman, as though it's just a normal thing that's part of a person the same way lungs or a beating heart are, we would live in a much more wonderful world than we do now.

Anyway, it's certainly comforting to know there are mothers out there who know their children better than those children seem to know themselves, and who love unconditionally and without prejudice. If we can learn anything from this it's that we should be working towards creating a society in which "coming out" is a non-event, because sexuality, at the end of the day, only matters because we make it matter. What's important is happiness and love and being a good person, whether that's in the company of men or women or anything in between.

Watch and giggle and have your heart warmed below:

Because in the wise words of Hannah Hart:


That's what I've been saying! So at the end of the day:

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