15 Coconut Scented Products To Keep You Smelling Like A Beachy Babe All Summer Long

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There's nothing that says summer to me like the smell of coconut sunscreen. You know, the one that was everywhere when you were growing up? It would be slathered on whether you were spending the day at the park with friends or headed to the beach for the afternoon. Whenever I'm stressed, it's not lavender that soothes me — it's the warm scent of coconut that immediately transports me to a sunny cabin at the lake or beach cabana in Malaysia.

Blame it on repeated viewings of Blue Crush as a kid, but I want to smell like a tropical, beachy babe all year round. The desire is only heightened in the summer and I'm always looking out for things to bathe in, spritz on, and coat myself in to scent me with that iconic summer-y smell. Here are 15 ways to bathe your senses in coconut this summer.Images: Fotolia

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