Nasty Gal Takes Credit For Taylor Swift's Billboard Music Awards Jumpsuit, But It Was By Balmain

Fast fashion e-tailers have been drawing inspiration from couture fashion houses for years now, but this is something we haven't heard before. The fashion e-tailer Nasty Gal took credit for Taylor Swift's jumpsuit at the Billboard Music Awards, despite the fact that it wasn't actually an item from the store's inventory. This is a major oops.

According to The Fashion Law, Nasty Gal posted a photo to their social media accounts of T. Swift in her white hot jumpsuit, with a caption reading "One piece wonder. Taylor Swift in the Nasty Gal Frisco Inferno Jumpsuit at the [Billboard Music Awards]” with a link to shop the piece on their site. IRL, the singer's cutout ensemble was actually made by Balmain, a fact that has been verified by the French label on their social media page. Several comments left by outraged fans led Nasty Gal to eventually delete the post, but apparently they didn't do so until after the garment had sold out, The Gloss reports.

The question now remains, was this intentional or was it purely a mistake? It's hard to tell, but the brand's caption on the photo certainly insinuates their confidence in the piece being theirs. If they in fact did dress Taylor for the show, wouldn't they have proof? Bustle has reached out to Nasty Gal for commentary.

You can see how easy it is to mistake the NG jumpsuit for the real thing.

It looks pretty much identical to Balmain's version, don't you think?


Thankfully, the designers cleared up the mixup on Instagram.

Whether intentional or not, I'm sure Nasty Gal learned a valuable lesson to from this incident, namely to double check before taking credit for something.

Images: Nasty Gal, Getty Images