Rihanna Boosts Magazine Sales Whenever She's On The Cover, So That Explains Why She's Everywhere

If you're an avid pop culture enthusiast like myself, you have probably noticed that Rihanna has been dominating the newsstands lately, and it turns out that there is a strategic reason behind this. Apparently, publications believe that putting Rihanna on magazine covers will boost sales. I call it the RiRi effect.

According to WWD, Rihanna's March issue cover of Harper's Bazaar won the title of highest selling mag for the month, increasing HB's sales by 0.8 percent to a total of 120,000 copies – wow. These numbers may not sound monumental, but when compared to a 6.3 percent decline in sales that People StyleWatch saw, it's pretty damn impressive.

This isn't a one time fluke either, RiRi's March 2014 cover for Vogue beat out the one featuring famed BFF duo Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss, and there was a lot more hype for the latter. So what is this that makes Rihanna sell magazines like hot cakes? Is it her bad chick attitude? Her stunning fashion sense? No one knows for sure, but it's probably a combination of the two.

The print media industry has been floundering for quite some time now (you can blame the Internet for that one), and it looks like it has finally found the solution. Rihanna to the rescue!

In keeping with the celebratory spirit, let's take a look at seven of Rihanna's most awesome magazine covers.

1. V Magazine

By far my favorite cover ever.

2. AnOther Magazine

Love the black and white aesthetic.

3. Harper's Bazaar

A golden goddess.

4. i-D Magazine

Bad Gal RiRi in true form.

5. Vogue

Fashion royalty.

6. Harper's Bazaar China

So stunning.

7. Elle

That outfit is everything.