'What We Did On Our Holiday' Proves Rosamund Pike's 'Gone Girl' Days Are Long Gone — EXCLUSIVE

She's no longer faking her own death and blaming her husband for it. She isn't manipulating men into sex before slicing open their throats mid-act, and she's certainly not the same brand of "cool girl" that plants elaborate clues on a deadly scavenger hunt. Rosamund Pike is leaving her role as Amy Dunn in Gone Girl behind her, and picking up something a bit more family friendly. In What We Did on Our Holiday , Pike plays Abi, a mother and wife who goes on holiday with her unconventional and unpredictable family. It's a comedy, a far cry from her heart-pounding — and Oscar-nominated — performance as Amazing Amy.

The family-centric film also stars David Tennant as Abi's husband and father of three. The family travels to the Scottish Highlands for Doug's father's (Billy Connolly) birthday party. But when the adults need to keep a secret under wraps, their children end up being their biggest liability. From the trailer, it appears there will be at least a few hearty laughs from this British comedy.

See the exclusive first poster for What We Did on Our Holiday, which opens in theaters and On Demand July 10:

Image: BBC Films