7 Reasons To Go Makeup Free This Summer

by Katharine McEntee

As a certified beauty junky, I love trying new makeup products, but I have to admit that once I put down the concealer, and blush, and mascara, and every other beauty product that I own for seven whole days, I felt surprisingly good. With such a positive makeup free experience, I decided to come up with seven reasons not to wear makeup this summer. When you think about it, summer is the perfect time to be makeup free — your skin naturally gets a glow from the sun, and who wants to wear foundation in the humidity anyway?

Since I could no longer cover up my blemishes with foundation, I found myself taking care of my skin a lot more than I used to. I remembered to moisturize every morning and night, and I found myself drinking more water and doing more facemasks. While it did feel weird not wearing makeup, I learned a lot about my skin and actually cut out a lot of products I used to use. In fact, I no longer use foundation; I found it clogged my pores and actually made my complexion worse.

While I know a swipe of mascara or a dab of concealer may sound appealing, that feeling will go away in no time. After a day or two, you will start to realize that your skin feels better, and by the end of the week it will actually look better, too. So instead of worrying about your friends seeing you makeup free at the beach, be prepared and get your skin summer ready by going all natural. Here are some more reasons to try the look this summer.

1. No Cakey Makeup

I say this because summer is upon us and hot, humid weather is no time for foundation. It just feels icky and sticky as it slides off your face. Also, if you are doing summer activities like visiting the beach, doing yoga, or going hiking, sweating off your makeup is no fun.

2. Show Off Your Tan

Summer time is truly the best time of year to go makeup free because the sun gives you that extra bit of color that you usually get from makeup. Even with very fair skin and sunscreen, I get a light sun-kissed look in the summer. So, instead of caking on extra bronzer, go outside, have fun with your friends, and get an awesome summer glow.

3. Save Time

Instead of applying your makeup for 20 minutes, go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! There are so many fun things to do in the summer, so why waste your time indoors?

4. Give Your Skin A Vacation

If you get a vacation, your skin should get one too! Stop putting chemicals and creams on your face and let your pores breathe — your skin will look warmer and brighter after just a few days.

5. Mascara Is The Worst

Water is mascara's worst nightmare, so if you are going to the beach, the pool, or are living in a humid climate, you probably wear waterproof mascara. Instead of opting for dry and thick waterproof mascara, don't wear it at all! And, since lash curlers aren't technically makeup, I just curl my lashes in the morning and voila.

6. Save Money

Summer makeup is totally different than winter makeup. You have to buy a lightweight foundation in a darker shade, you have to buy waterproof mascara, your bronzer needs to be a shade darker, you opt for coral lipstick instead of red; I literally could go on and on. Don't waste your money on new makeup products, just take care of your skin, and spend that extra money on a trip to Bora Bora or wherever you want to go!

7. You Are More Likely To Take Care of Your Skin

If you don't have makeup as a backup, you are more likely to take care of your skin properly. I didn't realize this until I went makeup free myself. I found that I ate healthier, drank more water, performed hydrating face masks, moisturized more frequently, and did the things I knew would be good for my personal preferences and routine.

Images: Fotolia; Giphy; ddlovato, the_file, intothegloss/Instagram