23 Sam Smith Instagram Pics That Prove He Lives The Absolute Best Life — PHOTOS

Not every celebrity is super active on social media, and that’s cool. By nature, as humans, some of us simply enjoy privacy more than others. I mean, look at it this way, it has to be hard for some famous personalities to share every little nuance of their lives when so much of it is already out there for everyone to gawk at. Thankfully, though, our pretend best friend with vocals of pure velvet, Sam Smith, is not one of those people. No, Sam Smith is incredibly vocal on social media, especially on his Instagram where he posts the most jaw-dropping pictures of his incredible life. So, here’s a hearty thanks to you, big guy, for letting us live your amazing life vicariously.

If you aren’t a follower of Smith’s or if you haven’t been paying attention, I implore you, DO IT. Not only does the talented Brit visit the most exotic locales and capture the beautiful scenery in a super artsy, made for Instagram way, but he also snaps cheeky pictures with witty captions that’ll make you laugh... and envy him. Actually, pretty much all of his photos will make you envious. So, in honor of fans' adoration of Smith, here are 23 pictures that prove the singer lives the absolute best life.

He casually hangs out with these guys

No big deal.

He had sushi made in his likeness

This is a dream of mine.

He was gifted a personalized onesie by Ellen DeGeneres

Like, COME ON.

He gets pampered when hungover

I just get yelled at by whoever is near me when I crawl into the kitchen to get water.

He got to bathe in this magnificent bathtub

For REAL?!

He gets to hang with cute babies that are down to take selfies

Note to self: need more baby friends.

He has so many Grammys he can hardly carry them

What a fantastic problem to have.

He had super cool Halloween costumes as a kid

On the other hand, I was the Pink Power Ranger for like three years in a row.

He gets to snuggle with this fluffy guy

I believe that my be the most perfect snuggle session ever photographed.

He's so famous, he can do things like this

Oh, it's nothing really, I'm just kissing my own, giant face on a major advertisement.

He went to The Shire

THE SHIRE, people.

He got Harry Potter wands for his freakin' birthday


He's friends with this dog...

Although, the dog doesn't look too sold on the idea.

...And counts many other dogs as loyal fans

The only kind of fans you want to have, really.

Um, this

I'm going to take a wild guess and say he hung this above someone's mantle.

He's been to "Heaven" and back

The thing is, why would he want to come back?!

He drinks incredibly fanciful cups of coffee

Le sigh. I can barely pour my half and half into my Keurig brewed coffee without spilling.

He's got a great family that he's very close with

So damn sweet.

He sings to packed out houses

That's gotta be a good feeling.

And he's performed on Saturday Night Live

I'd be bursting with pride, as well, Sam.

He's constantly winning awards

It's getting out of hand, now.

He was KISSED by Rihanna

I'd frame this.

He actually wakes up like this

Spare some natural beauty for the rest of us, will ya?