12 Vegetarian Barbecue Recipes That Go Beyond Veggie Burgers, Because You Don't Need Meat To Fire Up The Grill

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Now that BBQ season is here, we're pumped to try out as many delicious grilling recipes as possible — but that doesn't mean having to sacrifice your dietary constraints. Even if you live a meat-free lifestyle, it's totally possible to have vegetarian barbecue recipes that taste amazing. There are so many more options than boring old veggie burgers.

With the right combo of sides, entrées, and of course a dessert, throwing a meatless BBQ bash is easier than ever. Don't forget old favorites like pasta salad and corn on the cob, and find some homemade burger recipes that are better than anything you'll find in the freezer aisle. Flip through to see our favorite meat-free BBQ picks.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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