A Chicago Style Blogger Shows Us A Perfect Weekend In The Windy City

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I love Chicago so much that I actually created a blog dedicated to the city -- and the fashion that goes along with it. Whether you’re interested in music, theater, style, art, or culture, there’s a “scene” in Chicago for everyone. Although I have many interests, fashion is my jam.

People always told me I had to move to New York or LA to make the fashion thing happen, but I wanted to prove them wrong. Now, we have quite the thriving fashion scene here in the Windy City, and it's pretty amazing to see it grow over the years. Because I have somewhat of a Midwest mentality, there’s a practical side to the way I dress, and I consider the weather for every outfit I put together…which is difficult, as it's so unpredictable here. I don’t want to ruin new suede boots or a silk dress, so I save things like that for days when there is a zero percent chance of precipitation. That’s what I deem practical. You feel me?

In partnership with Sunglass Hut, I'll show you my idea of a perfect weekend in Chicago.

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