12 Items To Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions If You're Prone To Spilling Wine Or Becoming Covered In Static

While we may not have paparazzi taking pictures of us 24/7, wardrobe malfunctions are something that can happen to any one of us, but that doesn't mean they should. That’s why I’ve come up with this handy dandy list of 13 items that are bound to prevent wardrobe malfunctions. While a good ol’ sewing kit is sure to come in handy, sometimes you need more backup, like nipple covers, stain removers, and double stick tape.

Whatever the fashion disaster — you need a bra to wear with a backless dress or you need to get that coffee stain off your brand new white button up — I’ve got you covered! Click through the slideshow to see the 13 must-have items that will get you through any fashion crisis.

Image: Fotolia

Deodorant Sponge

No matter what deodorant you buy, if you are slipping on a LBD you are bound to get a few white marks around the arm holes. So have a few deodorant sponges on hand to wipe away unwanted marks.

Deodorant Removing Sping, $6,

Bra Converter

I used to use the sticky bra cups that hooked together in the middle until I found this! This bra converter is amazing, and surprisingly comfortable.

Low Back Bra Converter, $9,

Stain Remover

I love this mini stain remover because it fits perfectly in my purse, and gets rid of almost any stain.

Tide To Go Stain Remover, $3,

Foot Petals

Avoid all shoe mishaps with these foot petal pads. I have some version of these foot petals in almost every shoe I own.

Foot Petals, $34,

Lint Roller

Always make sure to lint roll your black clothes before putting them on, especially if you have animals. A portable, mini size is super nifty.

Lint Roller, $5,

Fabric Shaver

I just got this fabric shaver and it is a lifesaver. It restores old sweaters, and makes them look brand new so you can wear them season after season. Just don’t use it too much for fear of thinning out the material.

Conair Fabric Shaver, $12,

Breast Petals

Avoid nip slips with these padded nipple covers.

Breast Petals, $6,

Safety Pins

Always have safety pins on hand; you never know when you might need them.

Safety Pins, $4,

AntiStatic Spray

Certain fabric tends to be clingy, and I find when I wear tights, my skirts become even more clingy. So invest in antistatic spray to avoid skirt chafing.

AntiStatic Spray, $3,

Nude Thong

When in doubt, wear a nude thong. This cotton thong is seamless so it should look as if you are going commando.

Commando Cotton Thong, $24,

Double Stick Tape

Double stick tape can fix almost any wardrobe malfunction. It makes sure everything stays in place, like hems, breasts, and bra straps.

Double Stick Tape, $10,

Stain Remover Wipes

If you get a little makeup on your dress, don’t fret! Just use a stain remover wipe, or a baby wipe; they are great at getting stains off clothing as well and are super gentle.

Stain Remover Wipes, $5,