Christina Aguilera's 'Finding Neverland' Song "Anywhere But Here" Will Captivate You — LISTEN

Oooh, more new music from Christina: On Tuesday, Christina Aguilera's contribution to the Finding Neverland musical soundtrack, "Anywhere But Here," premiered online. Unsurprisingly, the 34-year-old singer handles the sweeping Act 1 ballad with ease. Her rendition is both understated (well, by her standards) and beautiful. That being said, I do wish there were a little more "Xtina" in the song. I wanted to hear more ad-libs, more runs, and more vocal acrobatics in general.

Now, normally, I like it when the big-voiced diva scales things back, but in this case, I think the track could've used some additional flair, if you will — something to really make it pop. After all, isn't that why Aguilera was asked to cover "Anywhere But Here" in the first place? To put her own unique spin on the song and make it sound a bit more modern? Hmm. Still, it's a minor gripe. Overall, I think the track is lovely.

Finding Neverland: The Album (due out June 9) features songs from the new Broadway musical reimagined by pop stars like Aguilera, John Legend, Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding, Nick Jonas, Zendaya, Rita Ora, and more. Listen to Aguilera's version of "Anywhere But Here" below.

So, 'Tina (may I call you 'Tina?), when's that new album of yours coming out, huh? Your fans have been patiently waiting now for two and a half years. They're starting to get antsy! Just sayin'.