Is Your State A Beer, Wine, Or Liquor State? Twitter Might Reveal Your Home Base's Preferences

When you come home from work do you pour yourself a tall glass of wine, crack open a beer or take a shot of liquor to the face? Whichever you choose, it's a good bet most of your neighbors are making a similar choice, says Twitter. That's right: People in different states have different alcohol preferences — or, at the very least, alcohol-related tweet preferences. Millions of tweets over the first quarter of the year were complied by social intelligence company Brandwatch, who measured the types of alcohol favored across the country based on what type of alcohol was tweeted about more than average.

Overall, we're a pretty thirsty country for hard stuff. Almost 50 percent of alcohol-related tweets throughout the country were about liquor, while only about 15 percent were about wine, revealed the study. One state did tweet about wine around six percent more than all the others, and I bet you can guess which one it was: Our wine-loving friends California tweeted about wine more than any other state in the country. As for the rest of us? Well, the Midwest tends to tweet about beer more, while the Southeast was all about that hard liquor.

So what alcohol does your state tweet about more than average? Here are a few of states that stood out:

1. Illinois

People out there in Chicago and surrounding areas tweet about beer 18 percent more than the national average.

2. Colorado

Oh, dang, your state tweets about liquor 21 percent more than the rest of the country. That's around 70 percent of all your drink tweets being about the hard stuff. Maybe it's the altitude... or the munchies.

3. California

I know we already went over this one, but I think Syd's mom had some crucial advice.

4. Louisiana

Louisianians tweet about hard alcohol 16 percent more than the national average. Clearly there's no need to ask why.

5. Vermont

People like their beer like they like their weather in Vermont — cold and in large quantities. They tweet about beer 15 percent more than the average.

6. New York

I really hope this night was as fun as it sounded. Surprisingly, for me at least, New Yorkers tweet about wine almost as much as Californians do with five percent more than the national average.

See where your state stacks up here.

Images: Getty Images