Ariana Grande Wears Body Positive Sweatshirt, Reminding Us All To Love Our Boobs

We can all agree that Ariana Grande is like the most adorable thing ever, right? Well, she just got that much more adorable (hard to believe, I know) because Ariana Grande posted a body positive photo on Instagram. I didn’t think it was possible, but now I love her even more.

Grande is pictured wearing a rather cute sweatshirt that has the words “I have no tits,” printed across the chest. Talk about owning your body, am I right? You might be wondering how this is body positive, but I can’t get over how great it is that Grande has the confidence to wear something like this. Loving your body is pretty much body positivity is all about. And I think girls everywhere should admire this quality about the singer and learn to embrace what others might consider "flaws" or the aspects that fall outside of the very limited beauty ideals that society puts forth.

Good news, if you want this sweatshirt as much as I do— you can shop the same shirt as the singer (a.k.a. your new role model) at Omighty.

This is so much more than just a sweatshirt. It’s a huge statement about acceptance. It may seem like one small saying on a shirt, but it's actually a step towards teaching ladies everywhere about self love.

You go, Ariana. With an attitude like that, I’ll forever be a fan.