Why Did The Cruise Ship Run Aground In Bermuda? Here's What We Know

The U.S. Coast Guard reported on Tuesday that a cruise ship had run aground off the Bermuda coast. Authorities said that the ship, which had originated in Boston, had lost power to its propulsion systems and was unable to steer away from the channel bed outside of King's Wharf. Norwegian Cruise Line, the ship's parent company, stated on Tuesday evening that all 2,443 passengers and 1,059 crew members on board the Norwegian Dawn were safe. No injuries were reported.

A company spokesperson also indicated that while the ship itself was stable, officials were still inspecting it to ensure no major damage had occurred during the incident.

"The ship's propulsion was affected and, at which time, the vessel made contact with the channel bed," wrote the company in a statement. "The ship has full power and onboard services continue as scheduled."

Immediately after the ship ran aground, passengers began posting updates via their Twitter accounts.

"[Ship] ran into a coral reef and has stopped moving," tweeted passenger Rachel Hansen, posting photos of crew members and inspectors preparing to investigate the situation. She indicated that some of the ship's passengers were not being permitted to go to their rooms.

"We're a little stressed, but we're doing alright," Hansen told Boston ABC affiliate WCVB in a phone interview on Tuesday. "My family and I were sitting down, having dinner and we felt a sudden stop ... the crew that were serving us sprinted out [and] they sent divers down to assess if there was any damage."

Another Twitter user aboard the Norwegian Dawn reported that he and other passengers were told that it was likely the inspection would take some time.

"Captain's announcement just now: "Not going anywhere tonight," passenger Jay tweeted. "Not sure if he meant from Bermuda or from this reef."

Hansen reported seeing the coral reef below as passengers began gathering on the decks to observe the ongoing inspections.

"It was pretty unsettling," she told WCVB. "The crew is doing their best to try and keep everyone calm ... [and] the captain is doing a great job keeping us informed of what's happening." Hansen also reported that they weren't sure yet whether they would have to evacuate the ship.

The company stated on Tuesday that a team was still busy assessing the damage and that it would provide more information as it became available.